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Privacy Policydokument 24.comDocument24 - services for consular legalization and apostilling documents for any country in the world. Translation agency, order a notarized translation, order consular legalization, order an apostate. How to make an apostille or legalization of documents, you can find out in our company. Reduced legalization, full legalization, documents of natural persons, documents of legal entities, certification of documents in the Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy. ABOUT US


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Consular legalization
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Consular legalization and apostille are special procedures for certifying documents that give them legal effect in the territory of another state.

For example: a power of attorney issued in Russia will be officially recognized in China only after the consular legalization.

The company document24.ru specializes in consular legalization and apostille of documents. The Moscow office of the company dokument24.ru draws up any documents issued in Russia, and for any country in the world. Even if you are in another city or another country, this is not a problem for us.
1. Legalize documents on time
We inform our clients only about the realistic timeframe for processing documents. When calculating the terms
We always take into account official weekends and holidays. Your documents will be ready
Day in a day.

2. We comply with all requirements
Company Document24 specializes specifically in consular legalization and apostille. therefore
We are aware of the requirements of all instances and the most recent changes in legislation.

3. Your presence is not required
Even if you are not in Moscow, we will be able to issue documents without your personal
Presence. You just send us your documents by courier, the rest we take
to myself.

4. Save you time
You do not need to delve into the requirements for paperwork, anywhere to go and stand in
Queues in attempts to hand over their documents to the next instance. All this we will do for you.

5. We guarantee the safety of your documents
Monthly we draw up more than 100 documents, and they all reach their owners in
Complete safety. For all the time of work - not a single lost or corrupted document.

6. Inform honest prices
The prices that we inform clients include all costs: translators, notaries, all
Possible duties and fees, including consular fees. You should not be afraid of unforeseen
Why is it profitable to order legalization and apostille of documents from us?
What is consular legalization and what is apostille?
What documents need legalization for legal entities?
What documents need to be legalized for individuals? For work abroad:
- Diplomas
- Certificates
- Identity cards
- Various referencesFor studying abroad:
- Diplomas
- Personal things
- School certificates
- Inquiries for studies for immigration
Or moving to permanent residence:
- Marriage certificates
- Birth certificates
- Bank statements
- Various certificatesMoving property abroad:
- Power of Attorney
- Bank statements
- Certificates of ownership. For representation of interests
In foreign courts:
- Articles of incorporation
- Contracts
- Power of Attorney
- Various references
- Various extracts For marriage
- Evidence of divorce
- Information from the registry office
- Father's consent.
A complete list of documents that need to be legalized or apostilled in your situation - specify yourself at the place of document requirements. For export
Products and goods:
- Invoices
- Hygienic certificates
- Certificates of origin
- Phytosanitary certificates
- Veterinary certificates
- Packing sheets
- Bills of Lading
- Information from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry!
A complete list of documents that you need to legalize or apostilize exactly in your situation - specify yourself at the place of documentary requirements. To register a company
in another country:
- Statutes
- Decisions of the Board of Directors
- Extracts from the registers
- Bank statements
- Licenses
- Power of Attorney
- Various references
- Passports of founders and directorsFor management
Foreign branches:
- Power of Attorney
- Decisions of the Board of Directors
- Contracts
- Various evidence1. You send photos or scans of your documents to us for a preliminary check (1 hour)

2. We check the suitability of your documents for legalization (1 hour)

3. You pay for our services and send documents by courier (24 hours)

4. We notify you of receipt of documents and begin the procedure of legalization (2-3 days)

5. At each stage

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