Apostille and legalization of documents in France

16 march 2017, 00:58

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The company Schmidt Schmidt amp provides services of legalization of documents issued in France.Documents issued in France are recognized by the authorities and courts in Russia only if they have passed procedure of legalization in the form of an apostille with the further translation into the Russian language and certification of translation by notary. French certified document thus has the same legal effect as a document issued by the state authorities of the Russian Federation. Russia and France are members of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961. This Convention allows for a simplified procedure of legalization of documents, apostille.

France has acceded to the Hague Convention on the simplified procedure of legalization of documents in 1965. In France the competent authorities for authentication of document by apostille are regional courts of appeal. In addition, the courts can only certify documents issued in their territory. Documents issued by Federal authorities assured the Paris court of Appeal. Apostille in France is a rectangular stamp in French contains the mandatory header and a link Apostille for Hague Convention 1961 Convention de La Haye du 5 octobre 1961.

Are not subject to apostilization of commercial contract accounts and invoices as well as customs diplomatic consular documents passports and documents issued by religious organizations. The document presented for apostille services in France must contain With us you can order an apostille for the extracts from the commercial register France or other documents. Typically, the certification of documents by apostille takes about two weeks. Also you can order translation of documents from French language into Russian. Payment can be made via Bank transfer through PayPal or Yandex Money.

Express delivery of documents with apostille from France will be charged separately according to the tariffs of delivery services.Apostille of one document in France from 200 EURПеревод documents from French into Russian from 35 EUR Do you have questions about the apostille certification and legalization of documents in France Call or email us and request a free.

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