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16 march 2017, 00:56

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The apostille certifies the document for use in the member States of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 abolishing the requirement of legalization for foreign public documents. In our country, we Russia know who is a notary looks like its stamped what is the significance of the document certified by a notary. But in other countries this one does not have to know. Will your marriage certificate birth certificate of higher education recognized in the territory of another state There are two main types give the document legal force on the territory of another state - the Apostille documents simplified legalization and consular certification. Concluded the Hague agreement setting a special character in some countries, is a stamp - as in Russia somewhere wax seal embossed seal adhesive stickers certifying the authenticity of the stamp and seal validating the document.

An apostilled document is recognized by the authorities of all States parties to the Convention. Sometimes this procedure is called simplified legalization Apostilization is performed quite quickly. Although the document acquires legal force on the territory of all countries joined the Hague Convention when ordering, please specify the country in which you use it. Consular legalization is required if the country to which you are going to go or use it as the document is not a party to the Hague Convention. In our experience with and feedback from employees of the Ministry of justice only one in a hundred who applied to the Ministry of Justice knows perfectly how to correctly prepare the documents.

Not every lawyer knows the rules of preparing documents for apostille and usually you will not be able to show the notary claims - such are the consequences of inconsistencies of instructions. Well even if deviations from the standard noted in the acceptance documents, or do not prevent the imposition of the stamp of Apostille. But there are cases when the inaccuracy in the preparation is revealed only in the Ministry and is apostilling the applicant receives a waiver. The duty in this way is not refundable. Incorrect application can lead to failure along with your document will be sent to you by mail when it comes it comes.

We do not accept for apostilling translations performed by other translation - correct preparation of the document for the Ministry of justice has a lot of subtleties in violation of which the Ministry will return the document without the apostille the cost of supplying the document is not reimbursed. For your translations but we are responsible for other people's mistakes - no. Well, the most exciting possibility you affix apostilles will have saved yourself. Come to another country and it turns out.

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