Apostille (legalization of marriage)

16 march 2017, 00:56

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The answer Apostille is a special stamp affixed to official documents and do not require further legalization in diplomatic agencies of the countries participating in the Hague Convention. Convention abolishing the requirement of legalization for foreign public documents was signed in the Hague, Netherlands in 1961 in order to simplify the process of recognition of foreign documents. For Russia it entered into force on 31.05.92 g.

we Offer to Your acquaintance list of the States members of the Hague Convention Australia Austria Azerbaijan Albania Andorra Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Bahamas Barbados Belarus Belize Belgium Bulgaria Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Brunei Darussalam, the Former Yugoslav Republic United Kingdom Hungary Venezuela Germany Honduras Grenada Greece Georgia Denmark Dominican Republic Israel India Ireland Iceland Spain Italy Kazakhstan Cyprus Colombia Korea Latvia Lesotho Liberia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Mauritius Macedonia Malawi Malta Marshall Islands Mexico Moldova Monaco Namibia Netherlands Niue New Zealand Norway cook Islands Panama Poland Portugal Romania Samoa San Marino Swaziland Seychelles St. Vincent and Grenada Saint Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia USA Suriname Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Turkey Ukraine Fiji Finland France Croatia Montenegro Czech Republic Switzerland Sweden Ecuador El Salvador Estonia South Africa South Korea Japan. All institutions and organizations of Russia are obliged to accept foreign documents without their legalization in the cases stipulated by the Hague Convention and cannot refuse to accept and use foreign documents bearing the apostille of them coming from participating countries of the Hague Convention. At the request of any interested person, the authority apostille is required to check whether made in recording the information entered in the register or card index. For that person placing the apostille must have samples of signatures of officials of subordinate institutions which do or can do official documents requiring a certificate by an apostille.

Apostille for documents issued by civil registry offices of Moscow in the Archival Information Department of the office of civil registry offices located in Moscow Small kharitonievsky per., 10 phone 623-70-89 travel m. Chistye Prudy. I work every day except Wednesday for lunch from 12.30 to 14.

00. Here you can obtain an apostille on a birth certificate a certificate of receipt of marriage and certificate of divorce.Period of certification of documents 3 working days. To obtain an apostille on documents issued by legal authorities and notaries public in Moscow.

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