Apostille of documents

19 march 2017, 23:16

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Translation Kozhevnikova Get a quote Callback +7499130-81-90 Translation of documents from 450 R Legalization dokumentumot 3 000 R Urgent periodot 30 min. Interpreter from 2 000 R Certificates Gratitude We in social networks We officially cooperate with the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Translation Kozhevnikova provides the service of apostille. Documents obtained by the citizen on the territory of the country of residence fully valid only within it. If necessary, convert the face of legal action or use of the papers of the state sample outside the country want to legalize that is, to give it legal significance and force.

It is possible to produce in the procedure of consular legalization or by apostille. You can 5% of the order we transfer to the charitable organization Children are Angels www.detiangeli.com to help children with cerebral palsy. Available - courier delivery to the Customer For orders of 10 000 rubles out of the courier for free read more Now You don't need to go anywhere We save Your time for more important things If the order amount is more than 10 000 We are This service is possible within Moscow within walking distance from the metro.

Order service Callback To begin to understand what is the apostille. Under the apostille of the legislator is aware of the possibility of legalization of a document or confirmation of its legal force to foreign countries. This procedure is the simplest method of legalization and requires convert sequence of certain events to the document has become the action and significance. The main purpose of this procedure is the possibility of its presentation in official bodies or public entities of another country. The question of legalization of documents was allowed in 1961 in the Hague.

The Convention was established that legalization is a special stamp having a square or rectangular shape and containing a Russia officially joined the agreement in 1992. States that have not ratified this Convention may not use the apostille, and then they are subject to more difficult certification in the procedure of consular legalization. Called the Hague Convention adopted on 5 October 1961 in addition to that konkretisiert basic requirements for the apostille also determines the list of securities business subject to this procedure. Available - courier delivery to the Customer Order service Callback So according to the requirements of the Convention, the apostille is affixed on virtually all official documents of the established sample administrative inquiries and.

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