As reported to IA "Kam 24" the police inspector to regularly identify the cars in the design.

19 march 2017, 23:16

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As reported to IA Kam 24 police inspectors regularly identify cars in which design changes are made. The interior Ministry explained that the police act on the basis of the technical regulations of the Customs Union On safety of wheeled vehicles approved in 2011 and entered into force on 1 January 2015. Technical regulations determine what changes in design are allowed and which are not. So the message of the Kamchatka SUV owners change is recognized even by the winch mounted on the bumper of the car and the bumper itself. If any such design changes, the inspectors have to ban the operation of the car.

The owner in this case is given ten days to legalize the reconstructed car. It turned out very difficult procedure. Kam 24 news Agency publishes a list of the documents that car owners must submit to the traffic police for legalization of the change in cars. - A statement. - Identity document of the applicant.

- The registration document and the vehicle passport vehicle. - The conclusion of the preliminary technical examination of the vehicle structure. - The vehicle. The decision on the issuance of certificate of compliance car, as its design changes in safety requirements made after inspection of the machine in the state traffic Inspectorate on the basis of the above documents and the following - Declaration statement - duly certified copies of certificates of compliance for used parts and equipment spare parts and accessories subject to compulsory certification in case of absence of marking of conformity Protocol technical expertise after making changes in the design of the vehicle payment of the state duty of 800 rubles. Providing these documents to the owner is necessary to pass technical inspection of the hardware modifications in its structure.

In traffic police noted that the results of the findings of the preliminary technical examination and verification of the safety car design, the modified design changes is accredited to the Technical regulations of the testing laboratories of the centers included in the Unified register of certification bodies and testing laboratories of the centers of the Customs Union further, the Registry. The registry is posted on the Department of technical regulation of the official website of the Eurasian economic Commission httpwww.eurasiancommission.orgru In traffic police have added that in accordance with the orders of the Ministry of internal Affairs, the traffic police do not register the removal from the register or other registration actions.

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