Chapter 24 The witnessing of fidelity of copies of documents and extracts from them, the authenticity of the signature and vernos

19 march 2017, 23:17

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Chapter 24 The witnessing of fidelity of copies of documents and extracts from them the authenticity of the signature and the correctness of a translation 1. The witnessing of fidelity of copies of documents and extracts from them Committing the notarial acts are regulated in Chapter XIII of the law on notary Certification of true copies of documents and extracts from them the authenticity of the signature and the correctness of a translation. In accordance with article 77 of bases of the legislation of the Russian Federation about a notariate the notary testifies fidelity of copies of documents and extracts from them, issued by legal entities and also citizens provided that these documents do not contradict the legislative acts of the Russian Federation. The identity of copies is currently the main type of notarial actions. So according to the notarial statistics in 1999 was witnessed 14021665 copies and in 2000 17005217 increased 21%.

In the total number of notarial actions in 1999, testimony of copies made 6149% and in 2000 5686%210. Outwardly simple, this notarial act also requires great responsibility and reasonable care of the notary. For example, in notarial practice, there were cases of mistaken identity, of false documents and then used in foreign trade turnover that caused substantial damage to a number of businesses. The identity of improper copies of constituent documents of economic societies and partnerships, for example with the change in the shares of the company may lead to committing illegal actions on alienation of property companies. General terms of witnessing the authenticity of copies consistently document the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

As this condition refers to the number of valuation categories under it refers to for example compliance document in respect of which the applicant has requested copies of the testimony of the competence of the issuing organization and the availability of necessary details. As stated in paragraph 37 of the Methodological recommendations of the Commission of separate kinds of notarial actions by notaries of the Russian Federation in the witnessing of fidelity of copies of documents emanating from legal persons the notary checks the availability of the necessary information to these documents, in particular the date of the adoption of the document the signature of signatures of officials officials of the press. So may not be a certified copy of a document which does not correspond to the competence of the authority committed a violation of the law such as a copy of the mortgage agreement which was not notarized. A number of specialists identifies as the second condition of the witness copies of the legal value of the corresponding документа211. In our opinion it is unlikely this is true because this condition directly in.

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