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16 march 2017, 00:46

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If the documents are issued for countries not included in the Hague Convention that a simplified method of legalization Apostille will not do. In these cases, the document is more complex and lengthy procedure Only after passing all the above steps, the document is fully legalized. In our company most common are requests for consular legalization for UAE China Brazil Saudi Arabia Iran Iraq Qatar Kuwait Lebanon Thailand Taiwan Chile. It should be noted that purely commercial documents undergo the procedure of consular legalization is not through the Ministry of justice and Ministry of foreign Affairs and through the chamber of Commerce. Unfortunately, this type of legalization is not possible for all countries because some of the Embassy legalize the documents only after the mark and the signature of the employee of the foreign Ministry.

Our center of legalization and translations specializiruetsya on the legalization of high complexity. We have the ability to carry out consular legalization on the territory of other countries. We pay attention to our clients that consular legalization has a territorial basis and is carried out only at the place of issuance of the document. For example, it is impossible to legalize in Russia the document is issued in USA or UAE. Thanks to many years of working with our partners from other countries we accept the legalization of Russian documents.

We have successfully legalized Uzbek and Tajik documents for Austria, Germany, Belgium. And Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are currently members of the Hague Convention but most European countries require newly minted members of the Hague Convention, the consular legalization not apostille. In connection with this request for legalization in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, is very relevant but it requires a thorough analysis and the consultation of a professional. Many are mistaken believing that in the preparation of Russian documents for export abroad importantly to translate them into a foreign language. It is absolutely not true for some countries even recommend to translate a document already in the territory of the country of destination.

If you need legalization of documents personal or commercial not in a hurry to surf the Internet and reading useless forums seek the advice of a specialist who will properly explain all the nuances associated with the preparation of your documents for foreign countries. The cost for legalization dokumentov listed in the table below Consular legalization Name of service Deadlines Price for 1 document RUB. Affixing the stamp of the Ministry of justice and Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation with subsequent submission of the document to the Embassy of the destination country 11 working days 4 500 6 working days 7 500 Affixing.

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