How to certify documents?

19 march 2017, 23:16

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Working with documents often connected with the need of their assurances. What are the mechanisms for How to certify documents and copies thereof in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation This question we can consider the following aspects Examine the specified items in detail. Documents and copies of them used by Russian citizens and organizations to assure the following main ways Learn the features of the involvement of each of them. The appropriate method of certification of documents can only be done by persons having the official status of state or private notary. Citizens or organisations asking them to take a limited participation in the procedures related to giving the documents or their copies necessary legal force.

Most often it comes down to a personal human presence on the appointment of a notary to confirm their agreement with the provisions of the pledge documents. However, it is useful to identify some criteria which should be considered by specialists of the corresponding profile in the process of giving the different sources of the necessary legal force. So the notary may not certify copies Now let's review how to correctly notarize documents with personal or corporate details. The main source of law governing self-certification of documents by citizens and organizations that is interested in the Decree of the Presidium of the USSR № 9779-X adopted August 4, 1983. This source of law is still in effect.

We can also note that it complements the newer GOST R 6.30-2003. In those cases when regulations governing a particular area of the document expressly stated that citizens or organizations are required to assure the documents notarized you can use the mechanism of the self-identity of legal force, in accordance with the criteria spelled out in these sources of law. The person in the status of physical persons for certification of copy of document It is recommended to place in the appropriate details under the text. If the document is from organizations that self-certification of copies by a Director or other authorized officer is carried out in General by the same rules as for individuals.

But in this case you must also specify the position of the person certifying the validity of the source and also put the company's seal, if any FE for example to have it optional. What if the document is multi-page How to assure stitched the documents themselves Note that the Federal legislation does not regulate this issue. There are only a number of recommendations recorded in the Order of the Ministry No. 76.

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