How to legalize a garage

19 march 2017, 23:17

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Garage building on the land possession of which is not documented is not in our days something out of the ordinary. On the contrary, very often car owners are putting the garages on site is unfit for construction i.e. without any sort of legal rights. But sooner or later the owner of the garage will need to define the status occupied parcel, and finally to solve the question of how to legalise the earth under garage.

Russian legislation requires mandatory registration of such illegal constructions as unauthorised and under this concept is subject to any unauthorised building erected on the site is not intended for construction works. Note also that the squatter is considered and any garage structure erected in violation of any building codes and standards is required regardless of whether or not a permit for its construction. Consider first of all such situations in which the building permit for the garage is not required. A permit is not required in the following cases In all other cases you will have to tackle the question of how to legitimize a garage built illegally. There are several ways legitimate way to legalize your squatter.

You must do the following The statement of claim with the request for recognition of your rights to the squatter will need to attach the following documents If your garage is located on a plot which does not belong to you before all the procedures you need to confirm the imminent transfer of the land in your use for example the draft permit issued by the authority having such a right. If you are the owner of the land to the acknowledgment of the rights of ownership to it you will not be difficult. Legalization of unauthorized construction is considered valid only in the case if you manage to issue the right to use allocated land and also to register in state agencies the right of ownership of the building under construction. Officially registered owner lessee of land automatically becomes the owner of the previously constructed real estate located in the area. Consider also some legal technicalities concerning land rights.

If the land is already someone's private property whether a person legal or natural legalization is possible only when the owner transfers to you the right of use of this site or the part where it has structure. Otherwise, the ownership automatically passes to the person owning the territory. In a situation when your garage building violates someone else.

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