How to legalize a garage without documents

19 march 2017, 23:17

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My garage Clearance garage Immediate solution requires the question of how to legalize the garage without documents. Especially in the absence of the papers confirming the right of ownership to a land plot and permission from the appropriate authorities for construction. The building erected as the squatter can stand for several years without causing much concern to its owner. However, at any time a situation may arise when the garage will need to legislate accordingly. Otherwise, the building will likely be demolished.

In some cases, allowed the construction of the building without prior permit documents. For example Starting to plan the construction of a major Parking garage or the installation of steel structures preferably pre-acquainted with the procedure of legalizing samostroya. After all, legalization of unauthorized constructions need to hold necessarily. Otherwise there is a risk that it will be subjected to demolition. When there is a need of legalization of the Reason to legalize the garage without documents can be inherit property of not having proper registration improper registration of the contract of purchase and sale as well as mistakes made in official papers when describing the personal data of the owner and technical characteristics of the object.

The legalization of the garage is in the quality of the property. You first need to apply for a registration in the BTI. Further, the premises is registered as an unauthorized construction. Required to obtain a Declaration on the construction issued architectural Department. This document States specific dimensions of the property. Legalization of unauthorized construction is carried out in different ways. The main options The legalization of the garage in administrative procedure conducted on the basis of a special document. It is issued by the Commission on the unauthorized constructions after giving the owner of the garage the following official papers The existence of the right of ownership of the plot of land on which to erect a garage or other building greatly facilitates the process of legalization of the object.

After making lawfully allowed to own or lease to figure out how to legalize the unauthorized construction will be much easier. First, you need to document the right to use a specific plot of land and register with the appropriate authorities the ownership right to the constructed object. Following these legal procedures, the legalization of illegal garage is completely finished. After receiving the official registration status of the owner of land a person physical or legal receives automatic ownership of the garage.

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