How to legalize a plot of land without documents or squatting

19 march 2017, 23:17

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E-mail address Registration of property rights is now of concern to many people and the question of how to legalize land without any documents very important. Complicated procedure of registration and collection of documents puts people into a dead end. It's a long and complicated process and list of required documents depends on what document originally available to the owner. The list of documents required for legalization of land and the subsequent registration can be found in the territorial Department of real estate registration. Together with the statement of the owner or his representative provided the following documents passport or constituent documents of the company notarized power of attorney if that attorney face boundary plan of the plot cadastral passport documents on the basis of which the land was acquired in property sale and purchase contracts giving the document of inheritance, etc.

the decision of the municipal authorities to allocate land act transfer of land in the property receipt of payment of registration fee and document on the value of the object which is given in the Land cadastral chamber. To conduct the necessary examinations and entering new data in the unified register of the territorial office of the state registration are given 20 calendar days. Thus presenting the decision to the Federal service for state registration, the owner receives a certificate showing his right to the land. The entire process of legalization of land can take several months. Squatting on the ground is when there is no legitimate reason to erect a building.

Many are asking how to legalize squatting on land only when the decision of this question becomes necessary. This happens when the state control penalties for unauthorized use of land. There are times when legalize squatting is necessary when conflicts occur when two parties claim the right to use the disputed plot of land. First, if the land located in the cadastral registry to legalize it will be easy. If not then you need to write the application in office of land registry to the place of residence.

The statement indicates the wish to become the owner of this site. Second if the land belongs to another then you either need to purchase or rent this land from its rightful owners. In all other cases, the use of land not owned by you will be considered illegal. Every case is different so best of all with the question of legalizing squatting land to apply to lawyers. Serganov Vasily Petrovich Lawyer profile total experience of 21 years.

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