How to legalize unauthorized occupation of the land?

19 march 2017, 23:17

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Often abandoned land are pushing citizens to unauthorized capture of those planning the subsequent legal clearance. This offense imposes penalties and other sanctions but with the right approach, this put can be purchased. So what is squatting on land the definition of the concept which you will learn from the article can be quite simple to legislate. All this below. Unauthorized occupation of land is a tort which is defined in accordance with article 7.

1 of the code of administrative legal relations of the Russian Federation. Squatting on land for example a neighbor is characterized by the unauthorized occupation by citizens of land belonging to the municipal property. There is no civil safeguards in the direction of the violators and has no legal basis so is illegal. The risk of investing in such areas are significant. However, the civil legal system allows for the recognition of rights to them in court if administrative organs violate the rules of use of lands and issue them to the public.

Marked article as well as article 60 of the land code of the Russian Federation provide the legal consequences of unauthorized occupation which are expressed Fines are limited to the following amounts for different types of ownership of the capture of the initiator Prescription exemption provides for the return of land to its original pre unauthorized disposal condition. This means that all the planting and built development will need to demolish at the expense of the violator. On the basis of legal norms should not Finance the construction and start to build a house as it will be an additional element of violation. In order to make squatting of land, it is advisable to contact the head of the local Executive Committee with a request for redemption of abandoned land. It may be that the administration has its own plans for the area in this case, the applicant is required to submit a reasoned opinion to the administrative Commission with failure.

In this case, it is better to abandon their plans. If the Board has given a positive conclusion on request you can arrange the captured property on the basis of issued administrative act by paying its cadastral value and the property rights registration in Rosreestra. If they refused on the basis of obscure reasons, allowed to challenge the decision of the Executive Committee in court. This is the statement of claim in which the defendant determine the head of the local administration in whose name the fed statement. They must have a signed waiver.

The lawsuit filed in the district court at the place.

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