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Manual are taken from bikedrug.commotozakonbezdok The most painful for Amateur Oldtimers question is what if I found someone interested in a car or motorcycle and documents registration certificate from the seller is not at all Our comments and possible solutions to this very common problem 1 the seller must sign a contract at least in writing I, Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich date of birth living there the passport such a number is issued there and then sold Sitovo Sidor Sidorovich date and year of birth living there the passport such a number is issued there and then the car is the motorcycle brand of this model such that this year the engine number so it is either not set or no number the chassis number is the body number so the color is such that for the contract sum of so many rubles. Signature. Date. The place of composition of the city village.

It would be nice to at the bottom under the Agreement that the witness of this transaction would have signed. The best that it was some sort of relative or neighbor of the seller. All. You already covered what happen to your ass. And plus you now since the signing of this unpretentious but the Contract is the rightful owner of your rarity.

To make such a contract is always necessary. Certainly. And not doing it is the height of lakomislenost. You can in addition Contract to take Receipt of money under the contract of purchase and sale of car this is. Additionally you can take a note to the seller which would indicate where he got this device was.

I usually write father grandfather gave or left by inheritance. Even though the seller will show documents and they say there was either lost, burned drowned. Now you're a bona fide purchaser. 2 Next, if you want to ride your vintage car or motorcycle, you can try to get a title in the traffic police. In traffic police there is an old manual which States the Basis for the issuance of a registration certificate is ANY document about the legality of the acquisition vehicle.

And since you now have a document of Agreement of sale is drafted and signed in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation you apply the traffic police on your place of residence I am the owner of a car or motorcycle please give me title and state license plates. A copy of the contract of purchase and sale of car making. Next will be two options it depends on the legal literacy of employees of traffic police you give a brand new title you illegally otkazyvat in the PTS results. If denied be sure to get a written resignation And go to court for your residence. And write in to the court the statement of Claim the Constitution guarantees citizens freedom of movement.

But an official in the traffic police that otkazyvat.

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