Legalization and apostille What is legalization?

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Legalization of a document is committing a number of specific formal procedures to make the document legal force on the territory of another state. The ultimate goal of the procedure of legalization of document issued in the territory of one state is the possibility of its presentation in official bodies of another state. The document legalization is almost always required when it must be submitted to official authorities of another state. This means that the document issued, for example in Russia has legal effect only in the territory of the Russian Federation where it is possible to fully use but for submission to official authorities of another country legalization will be required. The exception to this rule are certain types of documents which cannot be legalized as well as some countries with which Russia has concluded a bilateral agreement abolishing the requirement of legalization.

Legalization of a document is always carried out only in the territory of the country in which it was issued and / or decorated. Our translation Agency provides services of legalization only for documents issued or issued in the territory of the Russian Federation or on the territory of the USSR during its existence. What is the Apostille There are two main types of legalization of documents apostilization and consular legalization. The choice of the legalization type in every case depends on the destination country of the document i.e.

the country to which authorities it will be subsequently produced. The Apostille documents sometimes this procedure is also called simplified legalization or apostille is used to send the document to the countries acceded to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 abolishing the requirement of consular legalization and deceptive simplified procedure of legalization - Apostille documents. A simplified such a procedure is called that because from the one hand, apostilization is performed quite quickly and by only one competent authority and on the other hand, the document acquires legal force on the territory of all countries joined the Hague Convention. If the country in which you are preparing a document is not a party to the Hague Convention required consular legalization . This is a more complicated procedure which includes the identification of the document in Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and then at the Consulate of the country of destination in the Russian Federation.

The document will have legal effect only in the territory of the country of the Consulate stamp which it.

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