Legalization of buildings: procedure and documents

19 march 2017, 23:17

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Many of us in various ways are trying to improve their lives. For some this decision is to increase the area for housing and other needs. A large number of people do buildings. In addition to the knowledge required to implement the actual action for the construction of certain facilities required to review the information that reglamentary legal process of securing ownership rights in the result of such construction. To date, the regulatory framework contains a huge number of rules which reglamentary relations in this sphere.

Laws establish not only the procedure of confirming the right of ownership over such objects and the conditions under which such actions are possible. In this article, we have collected material which will help to understand the process of legal registration of different types of buildings. Due attention is devoted to the unauthorized construction which is widely used in recent years. To begin, let's understand the basic terms that will be featured in this article. The construction of this additional area which is added to the main building.

Typically, many people complete own certain areas. But to live in them and use them only after you have furnished all the necessary nuances. In this case, the legalization of constructions this procedure provided the legislative framework to enshrine the right of ownership of the person in completed square. Also worth to highlight another concept which has a particular order of execution. Unauthorized construction is a process of construction of a dwelling house additional buildings or other immovable property on a land plot not allotted for these purposes in the order established by the law and other legal acts, or created without obtaining the necessary permissions.

To date, the legal framework there are two main forms of carrying out constructions of this kind. It The first variant is characterized by the fact that in this case the actual construction begins after the person will be scheduling and appearance which is expected upon completion. In such situations, citizens tend to use the services of experts which help more intelligently compile all the sketches. After this begins the process of erecting additional buildings. For example how to legalize the unauthorized construction of garage to Make a plan to erect a building and submit all necessary documents to the court.

The second method is special in that such schemes are already after you have carried out all the construction.

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