Legalization of documents

16 march 2017, 00:50

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There are three main types of document legalization apostille stamp of Apostille, consular legalisation and legalisation of documents in chamber of Commerce Apostille Apostille is a special square stamp which is affixed on the originals or certified copies of documents a non-commercial nature issued by the competent authorities of the Russian Federation for their legalization abroad. It is needed for the registration and regulatory agencies of the signatories to the Hague Convention. Apostille is recognized by all signatories to the Hague Convention of 1961. Affixing of Apostille stamp in the Russian Federation is made by the appropriate government institutions of this stamp certifies the authenticity of stamps and signatures attesting to his face. At the same time assure the compliance of the documents with the rules of registration and the requirements of current legislation.

The law of the country for which You are preparing the documentation provides for the granting of the same document in different instances. So think in advance if You needed a few extra certified copies. Most often, an Apostille is required on the following documents Stamp the Apostille on the documents of Russian origin stamped by the Ministry of justice of Russian Federation Registrar's office other authorised bodies, depending on the document type. The managers of translation Round will advise You on the preparation of documents for Apostille. Standard terms of the Apostille is 5 working days.

Consular legalization Consular legalization is the legalization of documents for submission to authorities of those countries which are not parties to the Hague Convention. Consular legalization is a complex procedure which is carried out alternately in several different organs such as the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation, the Russian foreign Ministry, the Consulate of the destination country in the Russian Federation. Usually non-commercial documents personal documents are the following stages of legalization notarization of copies of documents notarization of the translator's signature on the translated documents the identity of the signature and seal of a notary in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation the identity signature of an official and seal of the Ministry of justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation submission of documents to the Consulate or Embassy of the corresponding state directly for legalization of the document. Commercial documents are usually related to foreign trade activities such as entitlements invoices bills of lading contracts subject to legalization in the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation and pass the following stages.

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