Legalization of documents

16 march 2017, 00:47

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Translation Bureau in Moscow makes the legalization of documents in Ministry of Justice and Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Legalization of documents to our translation Agency is 2 weeks but if legalization is required in fewer days then the period may be negotiated with the specialists of our Bureau. The prices for the legalization of documents Legalization procedure in which a document becomes valid in any other country than the country of its origin. If the country in which the document is party to the Hague Convention of 1961 for the legalization of it will be enough simplified procedure the stamp of the international sample apostille which can be realized directly in translation. In other cases, you may need consular legalization passing standard procedures in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of justice and the consulates of the countries which will be used documents.

A group of documents subject to legalization in the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation. Usually this group includes a variety of paper for commercial purposes associated with foreign economic activity. You must know that some States do not require any legalization of Russian documents for example for many of the former republics of the collapsed Soviet Union. In these cases, without performing any specific procedures the documents are issued in Russia will have legal force on the territory of another state. All questions related to the necessity of legalization of documents and possible ways of its implementation can be clarified by contacting the specialists of our translation Agency.

One of the services provided by the translation Bureau is the legalization of documents. Let us examine the meaning of this concept. Legalization of documents is giving them legal force on the territory of the state of the language which they translated. Legalization of documents should be carried out in strict accordance with the laws of the country where these documents are provided. From the definition it follows that the legalization of documents is a process associated not only with their literate translation but also with the knowledge of the law and legal instructions.

Therefore, legalization of documents are usually performed in specialized companies in the state of whom are professional translators and linguists and experts on consular matters. Legalization of documents may be required in case of departure abroad for education work visa paperwork for international travel of minors and in many other cases. Legalization of documents is required not only to individuals but also.

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