Legalization of documents. Apostille

16 march 2017, 00:50

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For official documents is characterized by the presence of some form of procedure for their publication and compilation of necessary details as well as the issuance of such documents by the competent state bodies, institutions, officials. The identity for the official use signature and seal. Each state determines the requirements for the form and content of official documents. To ensure that documents have legal force abroad they must go through the legalization procedure. Legalization of a document a number of procedures to make the document legal force on the territory of another state.

Legalization of documents is not required if between the Russian Federation and the state on whose territory it is planned to use the document, concluded a bilateral Treaty abolishing the requirement of legalization. In relations of the Russian Federation with the CIS countries there is a Convention on legal assistance and legal relations in civil family and criminal cases signed in Minsk on 22 January 1993 and entered into force for the Russian Federation on 10 December 1994, hereinafter - the Minsk Convention. According to article 13 of the Minsk Convention documents which in territory of one of Contracting parties are made or testified by establishment or specially on that the authorised person within their competence and in the prescribed form and sealed with the official stamp are accepted in the territories of other Contracting Parties without any special certificate. Documents which in territory of one of the Contracting Parties shall be considered as official documents are in the territory of other Contracting parties to the probative force of official documents. Minsk Convention signed and ratified by Russia Belarus Armenia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Moldova Tajikistan Turkmenistan Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Acceded to the Convention, Azerbaijan and Georgia. In addition to the Minsk Convention by the Russian Federation with other States concluded a number of bilateral agreements on legal assistance in civil, family and criminal cases which reversed and legalization and apostille. Russian documents are legalized generally in notarially certified copies. There are two types of legalization consular legalization the Apostille documents. Consular legalization.

Legalization legitimizes in the territory of a state not only the signature or stamp is recorded in a separate document but also the authority certified the document. Legalization is not the subject documents which are contrary to the law or can harm the interests of the state or contain information discrediting.

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