Legalization of educational documents for UAE

16 march 2017, 00:50

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United Arab Emirates has not signed the Hague Convention 1961 and therefore making Russian documents for use in the country must go through consular the legalization that is, to put down on documents the mark of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Ministry of justice and Consulate UAE in Russia. In Russia documents on education in the first place diplomas and attachments to them are among the most often faked. Even in our practice, we regularly faced with this kind of documents. It should be borne in mind that having got into the hands of any state on a fake document be subject to seizure. Below to avoid this kind of problems Consular Department of the Embassy of the UAE in Moscow takes Russian diplomas of higher and secondary vocational education of state standard diplomas of candidate and doctor of Sciences if you have the original apostille or when providing the reference from the educational institution confirming the fact of studying of the owner document.

Such measures guarantee the UAE Consulate what documents we accept for legalization are genuine. Recall that the educational documents of the state sample that can be legalized are We can take over the arrangements for the recovery of such help from any Russian University and apostille the originals of documents on education. However, we must remember that the procedure apostille takes about 2-3 months and the time of recovery help depend on the particular musescore but the average is not less than 10 working days. In addition, in any case of identified false the document is subject to seizure. Embassy office Moscow ul 4 Tel.

+ 7 495 147-00-66 147-62-86 234-40-60 Fax 234-40-70 E-mail accepts documents from Armenia Belarus Russian Federation Georgia Turkmenistan Uzbekistan Law and the word of the multifunctional center providing accounting, legal and notarial translation services.

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