Legalization of garage: what does it do and how to do?

19 march 2017, 23:17

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For the modern car owner unauthorized construction machinegame is not something out of the ordinary. Often most of them do build a garage on the plot of land and then scratching their heads in whatever way to legalize it. Garages were and remain the most sought-after real estate and most indestructible elements of any urban landscape. And no matter how struggled with unsightly and the majority of garages these is due to the fact that constructing them from any beushnye and improvised materialovedeniya city government garages were are and will be. If legalized of course.

There are several types of legalization of the garage depending on its location and type. Let's consider them in the article. Major garage is solidly built on a Foundation which cannot be separated from the land without violating the integrity of structures must be legalized by registration of the right of ownership of land and then for construction. Before you begin the process of legalization need to take a reference on the compliance of the building with all the necessary fire codes, environmental and technical. A metal garage can be a mobile frame and the location of such a facility is easily disassembled to change the design or moving the garage to another area without changing the functional abilities of the structure.

For legalization of such garages is enough to legitimize land. Major garage located on a private plot. The most hassle-free and besprogryshnye option although even in this case, the right owner will have to pay a fine for unauthorized construction as a squatter under the law is any building erected in violation of building standards. Garage in the courtyard of an apartment building. The most problematic of all the options.

The main difficulty is the registration of ownership of land. The courtyards of apartment buildings originally belonged to the municipality for the construction of garages they are not intended and therefore the question of the rent of the land plot is not always solved in favor of garagestore. Typically, these facilities recognize unaesthetic permit legitimation to achieve very heavy so the fate of domestic garages is a foregone conclusion simply demolished. Another General point for all types of garage buildings to legalize their work only in the case if an appropriate Commission comes to the conclusion that the structure does not violate the rights of other citizens and does not threaten life and health. Much easier to legalize the garage without a building permit, the process is the same and so unloved paperwork less.

What should be the garage that its legalization is not required this.

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