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If you have any questions on translation and legalization of documents, translation Periodof ready to give an answer. To make a booking or to learn the cost of services on legalization of documents, contact the Bureau of translations Periodof right now by phones specified in section Contacts, or immediately send Your request to the specified email address. If the question were sent during working hours the answer you will receive within 1-2 hours. In international communication it often happens that some certified translations require the assignment of legal status. This is achieved by consular legalization or by apostille formulation which is essentially considered to be simplified legalization.

Simply put constantly there are situations when the documents issued by the institutions and organizations of some countries or States must provide to the competent services and agencies of foreign countries. The question of giving legal force of such documents legalization for use abroad and to present to the authorities with the necessary legal force. What is legalization of documents The main purpose of legalization of documents is that they can be full-fledged actions on the territory of a foreign country. Why do you need legalization of documents Legalization is necessary to give the document legal force in any other country than the country of its origin. In the course of consular legalization, the document goes through several bodies each of which is confirmed by the signature put on the document in previous instance.

If the document was issued in Ukraine or the Russian Federation it is legally binding only in the country where issued therefore for bringing it to the authorities of another state will need the apostille of documents postavlyaemaya on all copies of the document. However, there are exceptions when documentation is not required legalization. This is possible in a number of States have concluded bilateral contract between a where abolished this formality. What documents are subject to legalization Are subject to the legalization documents drawn up by authorities of the state of origin of the document or with their participation, certificates and references issued by the Registrar certificates of education documents issued by judicial and administrative bodies of institutions, organizations, etc. What is the procedure of legalization of the translated documents in Russia The legalization procedure takes place in three stages.

First, the document shall be certified by the Ministry of justice passes the inspection of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and entered in the Consulate of the country where it is assumed the use of the document.

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