Separate ways (schemes) money laundering

19 march 2017, 23:17

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Practice shows that the detection of the crime provided for by article 174 and 1741 of the criminal code largely depends on organizational measures. The effectiveness of institutional measures depends on the quality of analytical work which should begin with an analysis of the operational situation prevailing in a particular territory in a specific period of time. The basis of this work is the tracking information coming from different sources. To develop skills in identifying operations to money laundering is necessary to know the mechanisms of their implementation. Criminals sometimes use sophisticated schemes cash flow through objects credit-financial system and consumer market as well as offshore.

Traditionally, in criminal economic scheme of money laundering using Bank accounts and financial instruments. Is often a layering of operations in which is used a large number of Bank accounts opened in the name of different persons, commercial enterprises or companies cover. Please note that when you advocate the legalization of large amounts of cash can not do without the use of financial institutions. Often the involvement of the latter in the operation to change the origin of the capital is carried out not only through bribery but also with the use of threats and blackmail therefore associated with the physical and psychological impact which does not go unnoticed to others. You can select the following currently known methods of legalization of money laundering 1.

Overestimate of cost of works or services such as unreasonably high fee for the book or lecture. 2. Simulation of active business activities by entering into contracts with fictitious firms registered on lost persons previously incapable or passport of the deceased to justify the receipt of a large funds in Bank accounts. So at carrying out of operational development in relation to the criminal community engaged in illegal banking activities and money laundering by employees of SKM the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia revealed that the bogus company transferred for recycling oil refinery controlled crime stolen from pipeline condensate. Produced as a result of its processed oil products were sold and proceeds from the sale cash received on account of fictitious companies and then some of them were directed to development of commercial enterprises owned by members of the community.

3. Conducting illegal.

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