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The principle of our work Each of the applicants in our Agency customers get in single window mode the whole complex of necessary translation notary legalization services as well as our famous regular customers. If the tasks are outside our competence all the same you will receive advice from our experienced professionals regarding the ways to solve them choose from the menu to the right of the pictures of the world trade Center. State your problem we will explain exactly how to solve it We here in Moscow provide professional highly qualified translation from and into over 100 languages of the world scientific edition of proofs including specialized narrow areas. For more information, see translation. The goal of legalization is certification of authenticity of signatures, seals of officials and organizations which issued the document.

Bureau Disaron provides the following services Details, see the Apostille. Now Disaron offers registration of companies in the tax havens of Cyprus, the British virgin Islands Belize Panama UK USA Seychelles. Ongoing support of your companies opening Bank accounts trust management. Special package offer disaron the apostille of the Russian passport of the beneficiary + company registration + annual maintenance + annual audit + apostilled incorporation documents of the registered and tax certificates + notarial translation into Russian language + 1 notarized copy = 112.000 RUB.

Detailed information about the order of execution of documents and registration in the Offshore. In Disarono you can use a full range of notary services including the preparation of powers of attorney statements, consents, certification of authenticity of signatures is the production of notarized copies, etc. You can read more about these services visit the Notary translation. One of our main specializations translation. Disaronno gained considerable experience in translating legal subjects of constituent documents and registration of legislative acts, treaties, agreements, financial statements certificates licenses.

See page legal translation. Such transfer is made pursuant to the provisions of Article 81 of the fundamentals of legislation on notaries. The notary authenticates the signature of the translator who performed the translation from or into a foreign language. Read more about you this can read on the page of certified translation. The range of services offered by Disaronno tours and excursion programs in Moscow in the Moscow region on 18 foreign languages major.

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