Unauthorized construction on his land: how can it be legalize?

19 march 2017, 23:16

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Online forums and legal advice is literally full of questions about unauthorized constructions. One looking through the window of a neighbor's cottage bath the other out of carelessness seized under the garage part vacant sites and the owner suddenly showed up. Buildings and structures with various disabilities in the country is much more than built according to the rules. Some buildings facing imminent demolition of others can be legalized. What are the prospects and course of action in the second case And how to legalize the unauthorized construction more On that later.

A relatively large part of the illegal constructions 222-I article of the civil code categorically not endure to leave. Judicial decisions on such issues are taken in large quantities. However, a term of their execution could amount to years is usually the fault of the defendants. There is only one caveat in the third paragraph of the article. It still allows many to become full owners of the buildings.

This is possible if the land under the building is decorated in the property. In this case, the potential legal owner of the buildings, there are two ways to administrative or judicial. What is legalization and how it happens will tell the next video If the object has a possibility of administrative legalization not in a hurry to implement the legalization of unauthorized construction in court. Please go to the extrajudicial way. If the registration authorities for any reasons will refuse to give you the right of ownership only then make a lawsuit.

Without this attempt of the court to hear the case will not. In the next video well-known lawyer will talk about. how to recognize the right of ownership to unauthorized construction When compiling the claim for legalization of unauthorized buildings, it is important to include all information about the plot construction and all the circumstances of the AWOL. A sample of the claim for legalization of unauthorized construction 2015 year, see here. The defendant in such cases are considered to be authorities at the place of erection of the building.

Sample of a claim about the legalization of unauthorized buildings Now is the time to tell you about what documents are needed to legitimize the unauthorized construction. legalization of unauthorized construction 2015 To collect documents will have to be carefully prepared. Including morally. Obtaining all certificates and opinions would require writing most of the query statements and will surely bring a lot of trouble. What documents must be attached to the claim for legalization of unauthorized buildings you can see in the sample application.

A claim will not be considered confirmed without payment of the registration fee for legalization of unauthorized buildings. Next, we'll talk about the procedure of legalizing samostroya that is unauthorized construction. In court.

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